My Name is Hazel Bird, I have lived in Poole, Dorset most of my life. I Live with my boyfriend Alex in Poole.


I have had a passion for photography for many years and enjoy photographing nature, animals and landscapes.


I have been photographing for several years now and use a Canon EOS 400D.


I like to take photos when I travel, of my animals and of the local area of Dorset.


I have always been interested in Art and design.



Me and Alex at Blue Pool


I have photos for sale, that can be purchased as a digital/photo print or as a canvas print.


I feel my prices are affordable, as I have always said, I would never expect anyone to pay a price im not willing to pay myself.


I do all sorts of photography, from landscape to animals and even abstract art.


I hope you enjoy my photos and become a valued customer.